Shorter Races are the Key to Long Distances Races

I would think running a 5 km race is not on everyone's bucket list. Most people are shooting for the big Marathon or Half-Marathon, but if you want to improve your longer distance times a lot of coaches will tell you to concentrate on the shorter races. A 5 km race can be very challenging because it requires speed and endurance, as well as strength and strategy. The focus on training for a 5 km race will not be on long runs and staying away from injuries, but on speed and stride efficiency. Longer runs will play a part in your training, but will be a secondary priority to your speed workouts. Think about it...if you can run at a 4:00 per kilometre pace in a 5 km race, then running at a 4:00 per kilometre pace in a marathon will seem a lot easier! Some proof that mastering shorter races is the key to success in longer distance races...both Paula Radcliff and Haile Gebrselassie held some of the fastest times in the world in the 5 km before breaking world records in the marathon distance!