Marathon Ready

Good to see that quite a few XSNRG members will be participating in the Goodlife Toronto Marathon next Sunday May 5th. Hopefully your training has gone well over the Winter and not so stellar Spring. Just a few things to keep in mind going into next Sundays race or any race for that matter.

  1. You can’t change your training now. If it has gone well great, if it has not gone so well, things happen. As long as you are accepting of this and have changed your goals accordingly.

  2. You can’t change the weather. Long range for next Sunday looks pretty good. Keep an eye on the weather. Will you need to change your goals for next Sunday due to weather? Too cold, too hot, windy, snow, rain, adjust accordingly. I have run 20 marathons and 3 or 4 were under ideal conditions.

  3. Don’t change anything race morning. Try to do the same routine you do when you go for your long runs.
    Be at the race on time and ready to go. Being a little nervous is okay. It heightens your senses for go time.
    Some people get over the top nervous. Do what works for you to keep your nervousness in check.

  4. Give the mental aspect of the race some thought leading up to Sunday. What kind of pace are you going to do? How are you going to deal with some pain in the latter part of the race? When are you going to take nutrition in etc. Have a plan.

  5. When you are at the start line don’t start thinking negative thoughts before you have even started (I’m going to crash at 35k, I know it) You haven’t even started yet. Think positive thoughts. Break the race down into sections. At the start just think about the first 10 k. Getting into a nice pace and rhythm. Then continuing onto the half way point . (Half way already). Last 10 k, only 10 k to go. Break the race down further at this point if needed, the next water station, the next km marker. Whatever it takes to convince the mind to push forward.

I know we all wish you great success at the Goodlife Marathon next Sunday and all your running goals throughout the year. Hopefully running with XSNRG will help you achieve your goals.

~ Coach Nick