Fall Racing

Lots of our XSNRG members are running races this fall, including the Toronto Waterfront, Hamilton, Chicago, New York and others.

You probably have done most of your core training now and are tapering or getting close to that point. You should have a good idea of the pace you plan to do and getting a mental picture of how your race is going to go. Make sure you have a good taper, especially for a Marathon. Do your last long run three weeks out. Cut your mileage down to 80% then 60 -70 %. Last week 50%. It's tempting to do more, don't do it. You will probably start feeling like you want to add more because you have cut back. Save it for the race.

You should eat well the last week before the race but hopefully you always eat fairly well, just don't screw it up by eating three cheeseburgers the night before. Have a good positive attitude going into the race. Get to the race early. Get in your warm up and think about how the race is going to go.

The Marathon is a long way no matter how many you have done. If you are having trouble grasping running 42.2 km, break the race down. Run the first 5 k, getting into a good rhythm then settling down to the 10 k mark, then getting to the half way point. Break the race down further in the second half if it helps. Don't forget about form. The longer you can hold good form, the easier it will be on your body and hopefully reduce fatigue. If you are running a race this fall, have a great race. If not enjoy your fall running.

Coach Nick Roberts