Kooky Canadians Run Postponed Bill Rodgers Jingbell Race Course - Adrienne Stewart

On Saturday December 15th three of us arrived from Toronto Canada for the 30th anniversary of the Bill Rodgers Jinglebell 5k Run in Somerville. We then found out it had been postponed due to weather.

We were e-mailed with updates, and knew that desision might happen, but decided to come. We love Boston!

We teased Bill Rodgers and the race directors, and said we'd do it anyways. We decided we would show them how Canadians handle the winter!

So on Sunday December 16th,at 4pm(race day and time) we stood on the start line in front of The Burren Pub in Somerville with bells and Santa hats on!

On the way to the Burren we decided we would donate our numbers back to the race, so people on the waiting list could run. The race directors were enthusiastic, and said they would be there if they could get though the snow!

Outside of The Burren a gentlman named Cam from coolrunning introduced himself, and said he would time our run. We thought that was kind of him. (hmmm, now we had to race. We thought if nobody was looking,we'd stroll, and look at the holiday lights!)

He started his watch, and off we went into the dark, slushy night,dodging cars,ambulences,and snowplows. We soon understood why the race had to be postponed It was dangerous. (And it was exciting!)

At the two mile mark Cam was the road marshall, making sure we were safe, and taking correct turns.

At the finish I had to laugh. In the distance there was Cam standing in the rain next to a large official clock, recording our times to add to the race results. I didn't expect that.

That was too much. Far beyond the call of duty! I was moved by the incredible hospitality, and red carpet treatment. Cam deserves a raise!

It was fun slip-sliding through the course. Next time though I'd like to try running it with people instead of cars.

So we get to brag that we came in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. ...for a week anyway!

We would like to thank Bill Rodgers, Paul Collier, John Connolly, and Cam for making us feel welcome. And for making our Boston Visit extra special. We wish them warm, sunny skies on the new race day, Sunday December 23rd.

Also thanks to The Morrison Bed and Breakfast for making us feel at home. Best breakfast ever! And thanks Out of the Blue for the best seafood ever! Now we love Somerville! we will be back!