Our first race - Elaine Lavallee

Okay I've run a few races, haven't turned "pro" yet but I can safely call myself a runner. So like any other runner I've experienced the ups and downs of this challenging sport, made a few mistakes and have gotten myself injured more than once.

Lately I've felt mentally and physically burned out and after a draining marathon I had signed myself up for a double race weekend thinking I've really bitten off more than I can chew.

So Saturday I ran the Zoo 10k with less than stellar results and felt a bit discouraged and thankful that Sunday's relay race for the Tororonto Marathon was more of a relaxing fun run. Plus this relay was going to be special for me because I would be doing it with my Sister and it was her first "race".

You see my sister, Suzanne Lavallee has been my hero for a long time. Growing up we did not have the best of situation and there were many times she had to play mother to a little sister that wasn't always grateful and did not have a problem letting her know. She was able to overcome a difficult upbringing to become a great wife, mother and friend that is both strong and kindhearted and she has never let me down so to be able to share this with her meant alot to me.

I had signed up for the relay leg before my sister and was planning to meet her and walk/run her leg with her. Since she had been doing 5k walks nightly the 6.5k distance didn't seem intimidating but she had not run at all so we decided to walk 1k and run 1.

I have to say that the excitement of the day, her first race and the thrill of watching her accomplish it, was more inspiring than any of the races I've done on my own in a long time.

That day she reminded me that determination and sheer will can get you through and that it's easy to do something that you're good at but starting from scatch and doing something completely new is scary but the rewards are worth the effort. Plus she reminded me just how strong she is!!!

When she called me the next day to ask if and when she can run again I thought to myself another running covert, and the sport had just gotten a bit better adding her to the list!

Thanks for reminding me how much fun it can be and what privledge it is to be able to take part in it.