President's Message October 2000'

What an incredible month! In the last newsletter I wrote about how amazed I was at all the results and accomplishments of XSNRG members. I’m pumped again. During the last few weeks, as I watched the Olympics, I thought I had reached triathlete/runner’s nirvana.

First, watching Simon Whitfield (in real time, not that NBC delay coverage) perfectly time his sprint to the finish in the men’s triathlon to take the Gold Medal was incredible. For those of us whose strength is running, we could picture ourselves overtaking a competitor ahead of us. Whitfield looked like he was running on air. Did his feet touch the ground as he went past the German athlete?

Then, in rapid succession, I couldn’t believe Gebreselassie come from behind (after being boxed in by the pack) in the 10,000 m. to beat Tergat by 9/100ths of a second. How can you say there was a loser? They were both great. Later, in the women’s 5,000 m., the multiple surges that took place between the first two runners in the last 200 meters was awe-inspiring. Finally, some disappointment when El Guerrouj was set up by the two Kenyans, Lagan and Ngenyi, in the 1,500 m. After being tripped in Atlanta, El Guerrouj has been the hands-down best 1,500 m. runner in the last four years. He holds all the records in the 1,500 m., 2,000 m. and mile, among others. Then he gets out-sprinted at the line by a step. Talk about bad timing (or bad karma).

Now here’s your chance. The Mad Dog Scramble goes ahead on October 29, 2000 in Sunnybrook Park at noon. Race will start approximately 1:00 p.m. Be there and get the chance to live out your championship fantasy....or just have fun frolicking about on the trails and other places Joel might send us. I know that there are a number of people who show up year after year just for this race. Andrew Weston, one of our members who has moved away from Toronto, is coming from Ottawa just to be with the big dogs.

I can’t wait for the dogs to start barking.

Happy running,

John Petrosoniak